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Sleep Safe with Sound Sleep

With all the frightening publicity in early 2014 on unsafe mattresses and beds, the National Bed Federation’s new Code of Practice could not have come at a better time. Towards the end of 2013, all members of the NBF had to undergo stringent checks to ensure that all their products meet strict requirements to ensure that they are safe, clean and honest.
Safe – ensuring that all products are tested to BS7177 for flammability. Clean – ensuring all fillings are clean and hygienic.
Honest – ensuring that all products comply with trading standards, meaning they are what they say they are.

The BBC’s Fake Britain programme highlighted mattresses that did not pass flammability tests, mattresses that were purchased from leading UK retailers. When buying a mattress, you would expect it to be safe and that it would meet the strict standards required by UK law, this unfortunately was not the case. A mattress that does not comply with the flammability regulations is extremely dangerous and during an ignition test, was ablaze in a matter of minutes and can cause severe threat to life.
Silentnight’s demonstration video below points this out:

The NBF believes hundreds, possibly thousands, of so-called ‘bargain mattresses’ are being sold across the country each week. The sales are often straight from the back of vans by rogue traders touring neighbourhoods and looking for opportunist sales. But they are not bargains at all: often they are simply discarded old mattresses that have been recovered by unscrupulous dealers who then sell them on ‘as new’. A cheap mattress is often cheap for a reason!

At Sound Sleep we are fully committed to the new National Bed Federation’s Code of Practice and all models are from NBF Approved Members so you can be sure that your mattress is Safe, Clean and Honest.

Sleep Safe, Sleep Sound.

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