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Pocket Sprung

Pocket Sprung Mattresses

Pocket Sprung mattresses use one of the best supporting spring systems, the Pocket Spring.

Each spring coil is incased in its own pocket and are branded through the mattress. As a result of the coil sits its in own pocket, it is not attached to any others so they can move independently. Consequently moulding around the body to provide ultimate body support and spinal alignment.

Pocket springs are used with a multitude of mattress fillings to add pressure relief, comfort and support. In more higher quality traditional mattress one would expect to find natural fillings for a luxury feel. The more economical mattresses will feature cotton and polyester mattress fillings therefore keeping the cost lower but still providing support. Rather than a traditional feel, one may find a mattress with pressure relieving qualities more suitable.  The pressure relieving fillings include Latex, Memory Foam, Latex Gel, Geltex and Affinity Foam. Why not come in store and give some a try because its the best way to find out your mattress preference.

In store you can find a large selection of beds and mattresses to try. Our Sound Sleep Dream Team are available to assist you and help you make the best decision for your next mattress. With you, they can build the perfect new bed and showcase the beautiful divan base fabrics and headboard styles.

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