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Breasley Mattresses at Sound Sleep

Breasley are one of the leading independent bed manufacturers and the number one vacuum packed mattress manufacturer in the UK. Their mattresses are supplied vacuum packed for convenience consequently making them simple to take away today. Our exclusive range of mattresses made by the Breasley Brand are made from the highest quality materials. The range starts with a high density foam mattress and works up to a 2000 pocket memory mattress. The complete collection are supplied with a ten year guarantee therefore guaranteeing a great mattress life.

Our Sound Sleep Dream Team are available in store to assist you in making the right decision when purchasing a new mattress. We are able to guide you through the mattress types and supply the information your require. Our team are also here to assist you with designing the perfect bed for you. We don not work on commission and do not believe in hounding our customers. Please feel free to browse our showroom, but a little advice can go a long way! Our showroom is open seven days a week for our customer’s convenience.

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