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Geltex Mattresses

This mattress filling is the next step up from Latex, offering unparalleled breathability, perfect pressure relief and optimal body support. As Geltex is breathable, it does not generate additional heat like memory foam, as a result you can be sure that you will have a cool and comfortable night’s sleep. The pressure relief this product offers, helps reduce pressure on joints. Consequently, this helps reduce the amount of tossing and turning throughout the night. Geltex is fast reacting, it isn’t slow like memory foam as you are not waiting for the foam to warm up to be able to mould to your body.

Exclusively available from Silentnight Brands, we are able to showcase the brand new Geltex models from the Signature Collection. This collection is exclusive to Silentnight Sleep Centres so Sound Sleep holds the exclusivity on these models across Norfolk & Suffolk.
The Silentnight Signature Collection can be ordered by telephone for free mainland UK delivery.
For the best offers – visit us face to face in store for the best prices with free local delivery.

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