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Protectabed Cotton Mattress Protector

Protectabed Cotton Mattress Protector Sound Sleep Beds Diss Norfolk

Protectabed Cotton Mattress Protector

Protectabed Cotton Mattress Protector

The Protectabed Cotton Mattress Protector is a smooth protector made from the finest of cotton to help keep you cool. This natural protector can be used as a protector only or as a 2 in 1 sheet, meaning you can sleep directly on it, therefore no need to use a separate sheet.

The Protectabed mattress protectors are available at Sound Sleep. We stock four collections of luxury protectors including two natural ranges.

The Protectabed protectors, when purchased with a new mattress come with a free anti-stain guarantee. Consequently, these protectors will cover your mattress against stains for up to 12 years. In the event the protector fails, your mattress will be cleaned or replaced free of charge.

At Sound Sleep we understand that buying a new mattress is a big investment and like any investment, you want to make sure it performs the best it can. These protectors feature a miracle membrane which therefore stops any moisture or perspiration penetrating into your new mattress. They also prevent skin cells collecting inside your mattress, which eliminates dust mites  which is great for health and hygiene and even better for the many asthma sufferers in the UK. A regular mattress protector without this miracle membrane, doesn’t do much protection at all.

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