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BSensible 2in1 Sheet

BSensible 2in1 Sheet

The BSensible 2 in 1 mattress protector and sheet are an absolute must for ultimate comfort and mattress protection. If you’re anything like us, you like comfort when you go to sleep, however through the night when you have turned over a hundred times and your mattress protector has rucked up under your sheet…its not the most comfortable feeling. The BSensible sheets are just one product, so you always sleep on a smooth surface, furthermore this product is made from Tencel Fibres which are smoother than cotton and also help wick moisture away from you keeping you cool and dry all through the night.

The added advantage for mattress protection is that BSensible are moisture proof. This stops any perspiration penetrating the mattress, so smells and stains don’t appear on your mattress, and as you are putting a barrier between you and your mattress you are preventing the build up of bacteria or dust mites in the mattress which is great for the many asthma sufferers out there.

Available in a choice of colours, with cream and white being the most popular and available from stock. For more information speak to our Dream Team who all use these and swear by them!

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