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Open Coil

Open Coil Mattresses

This type of spring system is traditionally used in more entry level mattresses. Usually topped with cotton and polyester fillings consequently making these mattresses more affordable. Open coil mattresses are more suitable for short term use, spare bedrooms and children’s bedrooms. This type of mattress can seem like they are a little more bouncy and can provide a little partner disturbance. Therefore it is worth considering trying a pocket sprung mattress. Pocket springs are individual springs, in their own pocket with move more independently consequently providing less movement and more support and comfort.

In store you can find a large selection of beds and mattresses to try. Our Sound Sleep Dream Team are available to assist you and help you make the best decision for your next mattress. With you, they can build the perfect new bed and showcase the beautiful divan base fabrics and headboard styles.

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Sound Sleep Ltd is Norfolk & Suffolk's only licensed Silentnight Sleep Centre stocking the prestigious Platinum Collection.

This means we can offer our customers exclusive access to the great bed and mattress offers that Silentnight promote.

So pop in store and try out our range of exclusive Silentnight Beds!

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