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Fine Bedding

Fine Bedding at Sound Sleep Diss Norfolk


Fine Bedding Duvets and Pillows are available to sample and buy in store today. Sound Sleep we love the Spundown duvets and pillows. These duvets are washable at 60 degrees, the only temperature that kills all bacteria. Choose from a selection of tog weights including 4.5tog, 10.5tog and 13.5tog. We also have four season duvets because these provide three duvets in one for seasonal use.

Our Sound Sleep Dream Team are available in store to assist you with the purchase of your new duvet. Touch and feel samples are available to help you decide!

Cool Touch Pillow

The Cool Touch pillow is designed to help keep you cool and dry throughout the night. The breathable fibres wick moisture away…

Prices Starting From £35

Fine Bedding Spundown Duvet

The Spundown Duvet is a favourite for us at Sound Sleep. It fully washable in any home washing machine (7kg+)…

Spundown Pillow

The Spundown hollowfibre pillow is designed to be washed time and time again. Furthermore it can be washed at 60…

Prices Starting From £17.99
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Sound Sleep Ltd is Norfolk & Suffolk's only licensed Silentnight Sleep Centre stocking the prestigious Platinum Collection.

This means we can offer our customers exclusive access to the great bed and mattress offers that Silentnight promote.

So pop in store and try out our range of exclusive Silentnight Beds!

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