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BSensibleĀ at Sound Sleep Diss Norfolk


BSensible 2 in 1 fitted sheet protects your mattress. It is waterproof and breathable thanks to its second skin membrane. The extremely smooth, 100% natural surface with unique benefits that fits to your mattress and enhances your comfort.

Smoother than silk. Manufactured from Tencel, compared to the fibre surfaces of cotton and wool it is clear that Tencel is much smoother and softer on the skin. Tencel deals with moisture like no other material. Compared to cotton, Tencel absorbs the moisture in a controlled and regular manner.

Tencel is manufactured from wood, which is converted to pulp, then to a fibre before being knitted to make tercel fabric.

Try the unique 2 in 1 mattress protector and sheet. This moisture proof sheet prevents any moisture penetrating your mattress, therefore preventing bacteria and dust mites living on your mattress and it helps keep you cool and dry. These really do have to be tried – loved and slept on by all of the Sound Sleep Dream Team.

BSensible 2in1 Sheet

The BSensible 2 in 1 mattress protector and sheet are an absolute must for ultimate comfort and mattress protection. If…

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This means we can offer our customers exclusive access to the great bed and mattress offers that Silentnight promote.

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